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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Avoiding Mirrors

Allowing my anger to get the better of me has been a lifelong struggle. As I've gotten older, more often than not, I find my anger triggered when I'm frustrated. For example, earlier today I was yelling at my laptop when I had trouble doing something. Although I'm relieved I learned early to not (usually) direct my anger at others, people close to me are still subjected to unnecessary temper tantrums when I'm frustrated.

Given my own struggle, I do find myself giving wide berth to anyone I sense might have trouble controlling their anger. For example, when I recently began playing tennis with a new group, I sensed exactly that about one individual. I have not scheduled any games with that person. Since I know anger is not contagious and  also know I'm responsible for my own behavior, I realize this is a little illogical. I guess this strategy is like avoiding a mirror. Which mirrors do you avoid?

Actually, despite how illogical this strategy seems, I'm inclined to think avoiding mirrors is probably wise for me. I already spend a fair amount of time looking at myself without using others as mirrors.

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  1. Very interesting. Lately, I've been focused on connecting with like-minded people, so I haven't put much thought into the opposite, like 'avoiding mirrors'. However, you inspired me to consider which mirror(s) I would avoid in the near future. Naming one, I suppose I'd avoid people with extremely addictive personality traits. Typically, I'm addicted to excel, win & get things done quickly. Yet sometimes others with very addictive personalities are addicted to other "not-so-cool things". Perhaps I'm grabbing at straws, but this was fun to think about. Thanks Pat, this was a great exercise!