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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mr. Id Redux: Uneducated Opinions

Mr. Id magnanimously concedes that the oft-repeated assertion "Everyone is entitled to their opinion" has conditional merit. But, he feels obliged to point out that it does not necessarily follow that all opinions are equally valid.

How can an uneducated opinion carry comparable weight to an educated one i.e. someone who has been taught to recognize distinctions in any field? When Mr. Id hears someone say "I don't know (fill in the blank) but I know what I like" he usually stops listening before the blank is filled. What is the point of listening to much more? If someone educated in horticulture or drama or criminal law is speaking what is the likelihood that an uneducated opinion about any of those subjects will be of more help to Mr. Id? Like it or not, there is such a thing as expertise. No one gets to call themselves a Dostoyevsky scholar based on reading the Cliff Notes to "Crime and Punishment"  while in college.

On the charge of supercilious arrogance, Mr. Id pleads nolo contendre.

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