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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Join Me In Heaven

Because being here at Kripalu is like being in conversational heaven, additional conversation metaphors  have been ringing in my head for three days. I hope after sharing a few, some of you will chime in.

* Conversational taffy = strategies that will stretch the conversation. In my experience, good questions are the best conversational taffy. The best and simplest question I've yet come across is "What else?" Try it, especially when someone is trying to problem solve.

* Conversational ping-pong = the magic that happens when the give and take in a conversation is easy and fast but both people feel really heard.

* Conversational corrosion = when conversation has begun to deteriorate but hasn't yet gotten toxic. In your view, what leads conversations to become corrosive? How do you rescue a conversation going down that path?

Anybody even marginally familiar with my blog knows how much value I place on meaningful conversation. It would be very cool if this particular post inspired one online.


1 comment:

  1. Vodka is universal solvent for toxic conversation, fair trade for liver toxicity. Cheap gin is corrosive, tequila to the rescue.