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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Magic In The Berkshires

What places have you felt compelled to visit more than once?

Although I've had the good fortune to travel a bit, one visit to most places has usually been enough. But soon after leaving Kripalu yoga retreat last August, I knew I'd return here. This time the soothing rhythm of the place engulfed me as I checked in. While writing in my journal earlier this afternoon, my breathing was deep; my mind already felt clear. My dinner conversation with four strangers was relaxed and interesting. The meditation class that followed dinner was cleansing.

My frame of mind? No doubt. The simple fact of being away from demands at home? Sure. But this place has a magic that opens my spirit. So far, the only place I've returned to three times is Acadia National Park in Maine. If the rest of this week is like today, Kripalu could tie that record.              

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