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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Asked And (Eventually) Answered

"If you're not actively trying to make money doing so, what is the point of writing a blog?"

Answers can sometimes come from the strangest places, can't they? And the time between the asking and the answering can be nearly as unpredictable. My dismay at being unable to formulate any answer for this particular question a while back did not dissipate until I read Maria Semple's "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" (2012). Talk to several people who've read this zany bestseller - even money you'll get several different ideas about the main theme - the mother/daughter bond, the allure of disappearing, the precariousness of mental health, etc. No arguments from me; all of that is in this unabashedly entertaining book. But there's more...

If I could just turn back the calendar. What was that question again? Oh yeah - "Well, I'm creative; I have to create." As the TV lawyers say - asked and answered. Thanks for the assist, Maria.



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