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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple But Not Easy

Are complicated people more likely to be difficult? If no, who was the last person you'd describe as complicated who was not difficult? If indeed complicated people are more likely to be difficult, wouldn't it logically follow that simple people would be more likely to be easy?

For a good part of my life, being perceived as complicated held a certain allure. Complicated felt mysterious and hinted at unknown depths. I've fantasized more than once about others describing me as enigmatic; what a cool word.

My juvenile fantasy aside, I am in fact quite uncomplicated - i.e. simple. And the complicated people I've encountered have been uniformly difficult. There's the rub - my simplicity has not made me easy. The older I get the more this perplexes me.

So, complicated folks need not respond. Simple folks, especially if you've rarely been called easy, how about a few non-therapeutic insights for me.   

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  1. This is too complicated for a simple person like me.