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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Decade Slippage

A caveat and an apology are needed to preface today's post. The caveat - Readers under 50 might have more trouble relating to this reflection. The apology -  I'm not trying to be glib about dementia - sorry if anyone reads this that way.

Though I haven't lost any significant chunks of memory, over the past year or two I have experienced several instances of what I've begun calling "decade slippage" - see if you relate.

* Reporting an auto insurance claim, I told the adjuster two times my Accord was a 1995. Only after she couldn't locate such a vehicle on my policy did it dawn on me; my car is a 2005 model.

* Meeting someone who told me he's worked in Human Resources at Princeton for several years, I was surprised he did not know the Director of HR at Princeton who interviewed me in 2012. Good reason - My interview occurred in 2002.

* My most recent instance of decade slippage was committed to writing. In an e-mail to a good friend, I referred to my blog "...started in March 2001...". Uh-oh - my blog debut was March, 2011.  

I'm relieved (a little) the slippage is at least going both directions. How about yours? Re-assure me, please?

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