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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thank You, Teaching Assistants

By far, the biggest benefit I've derived from my recent experiences teaching Continuing Ed classes about music has been my own learning. And though I've certainly learned a few things about music doing my research, the richer learning has been about myself. Which of you has had a similar experience when teaching a subject close to your heart? I'd love to hear your stories.

For the week long course starting tomorrow (entitled "The Timeless Appeal of Great Songs"), I've learned how much the music lover and the musician in me have in common. Until I began teasing apart distinctions about what makes a song timeless, the similarities in those two parts of me were not as obvious as you might think.

In addition, while developing all the courses I've learned how important it is to have reliable sounding boards. From each discussion, sharing of a model, or rehearsing of a condensed version of a lecture, I've walked away with a clearer idea of how to proceed. I'm surrounded by a terrific network of smart and discerning people - that is not new learning for me. But it is something I'm grateful for.

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