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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pass The Kumera...I'll Pass On The Callaloo

As our three and a half year old "eat around the world" project continues (last cuisine sampled - New Zealand), my heightened awareness of foreign foods has been accompanied by an observation: Some languages, if not their respective cuisines, are just more appetizing than others.

For example, given the choice between escargot, empanadas and bratwurst which would you pick? How can a food with one syllable sounding like "worst" with the other syllable 75% "rat" whet your appetite? On the occasions when we've cooked a cuisine vs. seeking out a restaurant, my wife and I have tried to pick food that sounds as good as it tastes. It just seems wrong to serve guests something as unappealing sounding as varm kalstuvning, when pleasing to the ear pad thai is available as an alternative.

Seems to me there's a continuum at work here - some foods sound scrumptious, many sound neutral, a handful sound revolting. Which would you place where?

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