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Monday, August 4, 2014

Re-Visiting That Train Ride


Beginning on the anniversary date of my blog in March, I've been periodically reading my posts from 2011, primarily to see what has shifted over the ensuing three years. I hope some of you who journal or otherwise record your thoughts have - as I suggested back then - taken the time to re-visit your 2011 selves in some fashion. If so, please let me know what you've discovered.

What became clear to me as I read the post above was how effective my "train ride" metaphor turned out to be. I've played guitar for almost fifty years - the last three have been among the most rewarding I've ever experienced. And that enhanced enjoyment is directly tied to what I wrote on 8/4/11 despite my uncertainty at the time. The metaphor is not the sole reason for my re-energized playing, but the more old posts I read the more it seems undeniable that the public transparency of blogging is helping me get healthier all the way around.

Thanks to all who have hung in there with me and also to those who pay enough attention to ask me for updates on projects or goals I've written of here. Big thanks to those who make an effort to comment from time to time.

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