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Monday, August 11, 2014

Mr. Id And Moccasins

Bicycle training wheels and signs on driving school cars serve as good reminders to the rest of us that a child or inexperienced driver is on the learning curve. Mr. Id has often wondered why there are not yet equivalent visual cues alerting us when folks our own age are still learning some equally important skill.

* Someone still learning to have a civil political conversation would wear a smiley face elephant or donkey lapel pin until that skill is mastered.
* Someone still learning how to listen without interrupting would have a small easy-to-erase decal of a taped mouth pasted on their forehead.
* Someone still learning to be more tolerant of people different from themselves would wear moccasins at all times with climate-appropriate socks.

These are a few possibilities Mr. Id supports. Your ideas?  

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