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Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Block By Any Other Name

When someone recently asked me if I ever get "writer's block" regarding blog ideas, I had several moments of ego-inflated joy just hearing the word writer and me together in a sentence.

Following the return to earth, both the question and my delusions of grandeur got recorded in my journal. But soon after I found myself reflecting on what happens when I am stuck for blog (or song) ideas. Though there are others, among the most reliable sources of inspiration for me are other people. No matter your outlet, what do you rely on for creative juice?

My reflections also uncovered something to always keep in mind. In my continual search for creative sparks, I need to stay fully in the moment in order to enjoy interactions with others. If my mind is instead racing through a conversation to mine what I might later be able to use in some fashion in a post (or a song), I run the risk of missing a connection with someone. Or, even worse, assessing the value of an interaction based on what I'm getting rather than giving. If the price for being present with others is occasional block, I'll pay, especially if I get occasionally mistaken for a writer.


  1. You are a writer! and a good one at that...and writing about the human condition based on interactions with the common folk ought to give you material for years to come.

    For me, writing needs to be about something that pulls at my emotions for one reason or another. I submit more material for articles and publication than I usually will admit, but the pieces that are accepted and published always are about experiences that have altered my emotions or path in some way. Unless something hits me at an emotional level, I just cannot seem to wrap words around it's story.

    Thanks for writing!

    1. d; Thanks for the positive reinforcement! I'm curious to know more about your own writing, (alluded to above), if you're comfortable sharing it.