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Thursday, October 16, 2014

#27: The Mt. Rushmore Series

When I began the Mt. Rushmore series more than two years ago, one of the first posts asked which four peak experiences from your life you would enshrine. In a more somber vein, which four experiences from your life do you hope never to repeat? I'm eliminating the obvious from my version of this Mt. Rushmore to mitigate the moroseness a little. In no particular order, one time for each of these was enough, thank you:

1.) Euthanizing a beloved pet.

2.) Firing an employee who appeared incapable of telling the truth.

3.) Being arrested.

4.) Embarrassing myself by agreeing to sit in for a guitarist far more accomplished than I.

I've tried gamely to extract some learning from each of these episodes. At the same time, if testing that learning involves having to relive any of the four, I'll pass.

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