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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Where Is That Nutcracker Again?

Among the tenets of Eastern philosophy I've been exposed to, the one that most eludes me is letting go of my attachment to outcome. I'd sincerely welcome hearing from anyone who feels they've begun to crack this nut.

There's irony to spare here. If I could let go of more of that attachment, it's clear I'd be happier, experience less stress and be more creatively prolific. All that is required? Shutting off the critical part of my monkey mind, ignoring the people on the bus, pushing aside all the unforgettable artistic masterpieces I've spent my life admiring. If I could do those things my next ten songs would flow freely, the book I've had in my head for three years would have been finished soon after my first flush of inspiration, every aborted blog post would have been published without angst. And all that's in my way? Attachment to outcome. Oh yeah, I almost forgot Beethoven, John Updike and some bloggers who shall remain nameless lest you abandon needy and anonymous me to seek them out.

I'm aware of only one student of Buddhism who regularly reads my blog. I hope he'll choose to offer some insight here. In this instance, I'm reasonably sure I'm not alone on the bell curve.

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