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Monday, October 20, 2014

New Dance Partners


Three years after writing the above, this "new" neck of the woods now feels a lot more like home. How long did it take you following your last re-location to feel this way?

And that dance I spoke of on October 20, 2011? As probably to be expected, new location-wise, there have been ups and downs. New dance partners for my wife and I from our neighborhood? We've hosted two holiday parties but, possibly because we're older than many, so far not so great, although I did find one tennis partner. Via the gym? Even less luck there - political issues. Through our volunteer activities? My wife has fared better than I in that arena via her involvement with Habitat For Humanity. Connecting with new folks via book clubs? That's worked out pretty well. Met one couple we really enjoy that way and three of my women friends also joined the club my wife started. Other clubs? A mixed bag as far as opportunities to initiate that dance.

In January we'll be here five years. The music plays and the dance continues.

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