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Friday, May 1, 2015

#32: The Mt. Rushmore Series

Of the age-old debates occupying great minds, perhaps none is as significant as - Which was better - the book or the movie? Though my own bias clearly favors books, to construct these match ups for Mt. Rushmore #32, I had to grudgingly acknowledge two exceptions.

Also, for the bomb included in pairings #2 & #3 below, imagine a very small head of Andrew Johnson and Warren Harding next to either George, Thomas, Abraham or Teddy's much larger visage. For #4, forget we're even talking about Mt. Rushmore, OK?

1.) Terrific book (William Styron) made into nearly great film (Director: Alan Pakula): Sophie's Choice

2.) Awful book (Peter Benchley) made into pulse-pounding film (Steven Spielberg): Jaws

3.) Fantastic book (Tom Wolfe) made into execrable film (Brian De Palma):  Bonfire Of The Vanities

4.)  Unintelligible book (William Burroughs) made into a stomach-churning film (David Cronenberg): Naked Lunch

Presidential scholars and other great minds - please weigh in.

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