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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Useful List

Obvious as it is, I routinely forget that the flip side of being grateful is remaining mindful of things I take for granted. Or, more specifically to this reflection, the skills of people close to me that I take for granted. How often do you fall into this trap?

Preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement, I realized how much easier it would have been earlier in my professional life had I relied more on my wife's skills in this arena. Not only is she an excellent public speaker, she has keen organizing instincts including effective ways to ensure a speech stays focused on the audience's needs. And she has a sharp sense of humor.

Where else in my life have I taken for granted the skills of others who would have been more than willing to assist me? How have you felt when others have tapped into your skills? I've felt terrific under those circumstances. So, what prevents me from doing this with others more often? Maybe I'll construct a mental list (OK, I'll probably write it down) of some of the skills of people close to me so I can refer to it as needed. Of course it will be incomplete but it's a start. Who would be on your list? And which of their skills that you might have taken for granted would you include?

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  1. Aw shucks! Thanks for such a nice comment....makes me feel great as I set off for two days of facilitating.