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Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Audience?

I'm reasonably sure no regular readers of this blog are bigwigs in drug research. But just in case I'm wrong - my patent pending # is KR061154.

The drug I'm preparing to market is the answer to my prayers and a dream come true for anyone else prone to performance choking.  No more moments in front of an audience when musical passages that flowed effortlessly when I was alone practicing come out sounding like garbage. No more instances of being ahead 5-0 (and 40-love) in tennis and then losing ignominiously 7-5 a short while later. Although my IPO document has retail at $100.00 per pill, focus groups suggest a much higher price point. How much would you pay?

As my pharmaceutical panacea enters final trials and FDA approval, I've settled on an alternative therapy for musical performances prior to the miracle drug's final release. I'm going to pretend there is no audience.  

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  1. Just pretend you're playing for Punxsutawney Phil. He hears a few notes and returns to his hole.