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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Disneyland Turned Upside Down

"How do I get the most out of my program? Develop tolerance for ambiguity."

The above is taken directly from a Road Scholar brochure. This September my wife and I are taking our first trip with this group - formerly called Elder Hostels - a visit to two National Parks in Alaska. I can't recollect ever before being told to prepare for a vacation with a statement anything like this. It's Disneyland turned upside down. As pumped as I was reading our itinerary, this instruction took me up another level.

In your life, what strategies have you successfully used to develop more tolerance for ambiguity? I clearly recall the first person who immersed me in this notion, although her term for it was "living in the question." For a long time, I struggled to emulate her brave example. But the more we taught side-by-side, the more value I saw in the approach. She turned my head each time she said things like "I'm comfortable not having an answer at this moment."  How many people you know would say something like that? I've known one. Good thing, right? If not, that Road Scholar brochure might have landed very differently.

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