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Friday, May 15, 2015

My Grade (So Far): Flexibility

flexibility: a willingness to yield; pliability.

Aside from someone saying I lack a sense of humor, there are few things as likely to upset me as being told I'm inflexible. In my experience, many people have a similar tender spot with respect to how others perceive them regarding this attribute. So, how would you grade yourself (so far) on flexibility? If the ten people who knew you best were asked to grade you, what would your report card look like?

A willingness to yield. Yield on what? A different place for dinner than what I envisioned? No problem. Taking a different route to a destination or...playing a board game other than what I suggested or...re-arranging the furniture? Sure, yes, absolutely. When it comes to things of minor consequence to me, I'm Mr. Flexibility - a solid "A" student.  

But that's only half - or less - of the story. Where in your life do you draw the line about your willingness to yield? I have immense difficulty even finding that line. Until I'm closer to locating it, I'll take a "C" for flexibility, so far. If ever the bell curve applied to an attribute, this must be it. I've known so few people who warrant an "A" for flexibility given that definition. And I'm grateful I've managed to largely avoid people on the other end of the curve - those toxic folks who have earned an "F". You know, the ones who are really inflexible - not you or I.     

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