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Friday, July 15, 2016

A Leftover From The Itinerant Years

Which decade of your life has been your most itinerant?

Military brats aside, I'm guessing the answer for many of the rest of us would be our 20's, right? It certainly was for me.

I moved into my first apartment at twenty one. Through the age of twenty eight I moved an additional six times. If I include the different places I helped one of my sisters and my brother move in and out of during that same period, I'm sure I lugged one or more decrepit refrigerators at least ten times. Your building supplied the refrigerator, you say? Lucky you. I recall only one of my apartments so equipped and it was ironically in the only building that had an elevator. No wonder I was so buff.

And who knew stuffing all those funky vans with musical equipment starting at seventeen would come in handy and soon after be honed to a fine art? To this day, people marvel at how much I can pack into any vehicle. Admittedly not a real sophisticated skill, but everybody's good at something, no? Call this a leftover from the itinerant years.

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  1. My 20's - you're right. Didn't "settle down" until I was thirty-two. My daughters seem to be following suit. Thanks to them, Jim estimates that he holds a record for most trips up and down stairs carrying window AC units.