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Monday, July 11, 2016


Over five and a half years of blogging, there have been just a handful of times when the day's headlines persuaded me that publishing anything here unrelated to the breaking news would be superficial.

Like you, I've got opinions on the events leading up to, the horrific event itself, and what "should" happen following the travesty in Dallas last Thursday. Losing someone you love is hard enough; having someone you love taken from you before their time through violence of any kind is something I hope to never experience.

Like most of you, my life went on uninterrupted Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My wife and I hiked in the Adirondacks, enjoyed spending time with an old friend, and spoke a great deal about the before, during and after of Dallas. I'm so grateful to have someone I can talk to openly about things so difficult to process. I'm not sure how well I would cope if this weren't the case.

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