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Friday, July 1, 2016

The Big Three - Three Years Later

Money, politics, religion. How many conversations centering on the big three have you purposefully initiated over the past three years?

I'm obliged to admit I've lost ground on my public pledge of July 1 2013 to be bolder about these topics. Not only have I barely touched on money or religion since a faithful reader gently chastised me for playing it safe on my blog, I've scrupulously avoided politics both here and in conversation. I'd like to say more - especially now that the donkeys and elephants appear to have chosen their nominees - but until I'm confident my approach will be more measured than much of the chatter surrounding me, it's radio silence.

Another aspiring writer in a group I just joined said he felt his thoughts on the current political climate were as "...valid..." as anyone else's. Though on the one hand I admire his confidence, I'll postpone judgment on how much value he adds to the current discourse until after reading his work or hearing him speak on the subject. In the meanwhile, there'll be no new pledge today from yours truly re the big three, three years later.  


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