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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Words & Pictures From The Road

Reflecting from the road can be a hit or miss affair. Spotty Wi-Fi, travel fatigue, and taking a welcome break from technology all reside on the miss side of the ledger.

Still, visiting new places - or returning to cherished ones - invariably fills me with wonder. When out of Internet range and unable to publish, my notebook gets jammed with ideas. But my experience of the past five years has also taught me that the luster of those ideas fades a bit if they languish. By the time I get home, what seemed inspiring on the road sometimes doesn't feel as fresh.

How familiar is this sentence? "The pictures don't do justice to the actual sights." Is it possible I'm experiencing a parallel phenomenon when words fail me like those pictures fail you?

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  1. Here's a case of a picture doing justice to the actual sights. My younger daughter put her photo on Instagram two days ago. The accompanying info said: Just doing ballet on a rock #breakneckridge
    #newyork #hiking #poorform. It was one of those poses. She was balanced on one foot - a beautiful arabesque - when a parent's heart just about jumps out of her throat. Gorgeous background but so high, so precarious. At least she was wearing sneakers, not pointe shoes!
    As for your concerns about the luster of ideas fading after you're home, this is the very nature of sharing experiences with the pen. The original pop and pow are difficult to transmit to the reader and nearly impossible to equal.