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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bless Me Father (Again)

"Everyone lies."

I've been reflecting on that statement for several months ever since being riveted by a podcast that used it as its premise. Though absolutes can signal muddy thinking, the "everyone" here rings true to me. How about for you? Have you ever met anyone who doesn't lie? Not even the occasional white one - often viewed as harmless - like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc.?

What about the majority of your lies? Exclude the ones you tell yourself. Confine your exploration to those you say aloud. Are your lies mostly white or ...

The embellishing variety, i.e. trying to make your stories (or yourself) bigger? The cover-up type, i.e. spinning an embarrassing situation, hiding a shortcoming, etc.? In the gossip bucket, i.e. any lie - or its evil twin, the half-truth - that has the potential to do damage to someone else?

The list goes on. That podcast probably lodged in my brain because of my lifelong struggle sometimes telling the full truth. My preferred flavor? Embellishing, which I call green lies, i.e. those that are likely rooted in jealousy or envy, diminishing my credibility. Not a pretty picture but at least a truthful one. And publishing this blog has assisted me in my work - becoming a lifeline of sorts - because the written word is less ephemeral than its spoken cousin.      

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  1. Everyone lies? Really? I maintain that life is less stressful when you tell the truth. Friends you lose as a result of this truth are often people you can do without. When you are caught in an uncomfortable situation, use humor to break free. And remember, my favorite perspiring author, that the truth is stranger than fiction; I am living proof of this truism.