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Monday, August 1, 2016

Unsung Hero Day

On August 1 2012, a brilliant concept was launched here to help this holiday-deprived month join all its brethren. But with none of the four ingenious national holidays proposed yet taking hold, it may be time for a different approach.

How about a rotating holiday with each August 1 celebrating a different unsung American hero? Since a year is needed to prepare, nominations are now being accepted for August 1, 2017. Full disclosure from the selection committee of one/clever holiday inventor: If you nominate a woman for this first round, your odds greatly improve. Don't you think both Martin and Abraham would be OK with this? How about George? Christopher?

And nominations will be accepted in any format - online, offline, smoke signals. All other pertinent details - closing/not closing the banks, etc. - to be decided after a suitable list of nominees has been collected. Special consideration given to any nomination accompanied by an appropriate theme song.

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  1. Today, August 1, 2016 is special day for me as I celebrate my Medicare birthday. Actually I was born on August 7 almost 65 years ago, but the US government recognizes this momentous occasion today, the first day of August.
    I am looking at a birthday card from five years ago, and I'd like to describe it to you. The front of the greeting card is a full-color photo of five young girls of different ages and heights, wearing goggles and swimsuits, dripping wet. The girls are jammed tightly together inside a huge inflatable tube as they stand on a wooden deck of some sort. They face the camera with huge smiles as they hug the inner tube against their stomachs.
    Inside the card, Barbara (my friend and former boss) had written: "Dear Marianne, Happy Birthday from your inner circle!" And then: "Happy 60th from all your R&R&R friends!" (Can you guess what the three R's stand for?) Pat, these women are my unsung heroes, my sounding board, my faithful support, my book discussion group of retired educators. I love them all the more every August when we laugh at the back-to-school signs and sales!