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Monday, September 26, 2016

A Binge Is A Binge Is A Binge

What is your favorite binge activity?

Although the word binge first gained wide traction when it began being associated with eating disorders, more recently it has become connected to watching an entire television series in one sitting. I suspect most of us occasionally binge on something.

If you want to disable me for hours, just put a book listing books, movies, or recordings in front of me or direct me to a website that does something similar. It doesn't have to be a good book or a reliable website either. My usual snobbishness about reading quality literature and using vetted websites gets tossed when faced with useless lists like these. And attempts at conversing with me are futile - a bingeing I go.

Not long ago, a good friend told me he needed to binge on my blog to catch up on the posts he'd missed; bless his heart. I couldn't bring myself to ask how many he'd let slip by. 


  1. I just binged on punditry. Hours and hours of the debate followed by clips of the debate and pundits comments on the debate and campaign representatives spinning the debate and Hillary's shoulder shake and Donald's sniffing and drinking up Marco's water. So tired, but it was worth it!

  2. Good for you, Kim! Glad there's somebody on my wavelength!