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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pop Culture Triptych - Volume 1

A quick quiz to see if you and I have that Spock mind-meld thing purring. I say movie and shower and you say what? If "Psycho" did not spring to mind, feel free to skip this post and all others in this series I'm launching today entitled "Pop Culture Triptych".

My contention: Except for some scholars and those who fancy themselves intellectuals, many of us are often immersed deeply enough in pop culture that many two word combinations will reflexively trigger an association completing the triptych. It's like that third item is etched into the collective psyche. And I don't mean movie and bird = "The Birds" - that's cheating. Try these three on for size:

1.) Movie and banjo =
2.) Movie and bear =
3.) Movie and dentistry =

My next installment in this series likely will not be movies and ... =  . It might be books and ... =  , or music and ... = , or something else that comes to my addled brain unbidden in the future. But I've got to start somewhere and see if anyone takes this initial bait. Even if you don't, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on the bell curve here. My guess: You've got at least a few of these up your sleeve too. Bring 'em on for me and for others, OK?


  1. 1. Movie + flying monkeys =
    2. Movie + bricks without straw =
    3. Movie + Ed Sullivan =
    4. Movie + tits pressed up against window =

    1. OK Anonymous, we're not mind-melding on your #2 at all - please advise. #1 is great - I would've used "Wizard Of Oz" myself in the future. #4 is a little more obscure - "Midnight Express", I think. Now #3 might have something to do with Beatles, no? The Fab 4 singing "A Hard Day's Night" on the Ed Sullivan show? If that's what you meant, it's a step removed from my concept (i.e. where does the movie fit in?) but at least you and I are in Spock territory. If that's not right, then I'm only batting .500 in your league. Thanks for the response, anyway.