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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

On The Road Again, Etc.

Although this year will not end up being a record breaker, the year of my last cross country driving excursion (2000) is the one closest in time to topping 2016 for total days away from home. On a scale of 1-10 how much wander lust lives in you? If you're a "5" or above, where is that lust taking you next? I'm always grateful my wife and I are aligned in our mutual desire to experience new places. I'm doubly grateful doing so is within our means.

This visit to Rocky Mountain National Park is sure to be enjoyable because it was organized by one of our favorite couples from the 2015 Road Scholars trip we took to Alaska. These folks have run an environmental center near the park for many years and they pulled together a "reunion" of about ten people from that earlier trip. It's certain to be vigorous, educational, and fun. And, the organizer's daughter has volunteered her guitar for me to play. Hoorah!

Only one laptop is packed so blogging for the next ten days could be touch and go. If I'm MIA and you're pining for me, put on that Willie Nelson recording and sing along. FYI - but only for those who don't know me and need an accompanying visual- I've almost always got the beard to match and (sometimes) the hair. Depends on how diligent I've been about visiting a barber. So, "On The Road Again" but, "I'll Be Back". Sorry, "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)".


  1. Enjoy your trip. I too have Wanderlust - perhaps because I was born in Germany? - and am lucky that my husband also caught the bug. I think we are in the 8-9 category! We tend to go on two long trips from 2-5 weeks a year. This year took us to India where I tore my rotator cuff only to find they were such a massive tears that repair was impossible. Hence our trip this December will be a relaxing one to Hawaii. Next year probably Russia and one other destination. 2018 sailing from Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile! Happy trails.

    1. Thanks Ines - we're enjoying it already. Hawaii is on our list because of all the National Parks there. Your 2018 sailing trip sounds wonderful.