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Thursday, September 22, 2016

We, The 98%

It's taken me a while to formulate a response to someone who asked me offline who I'm trying to reach as an audience with my blog. When this person said my subject matter was "... all over the map..." - a polite paraphrasing of the expression used - I didn't disagree but I did react a bit defensively, saying the eclectic format has been my intent from the outset. I'm a guy on the bell curve talking to others on the bell curve, etc. But ... who is that, more precisely?

In the end, I've decided it's easier to say who I'm not trying to reach. I'm not aiming at the 1% who have personal assistants or other full time household help and I'm also not aiming at the 1% who deserve to be incarcerated long term. If, however, anyone from either of those edges of the bell curve wants to visit this tiny corner of the blogosphere, welcome.

All the rest of you, including my latest critic, thanks for reading and commenting.   

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