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Monday, December 19, 2016

A Christmas Chortle From Mr. Id

Upending his creator's initial cranky expectations, Mr. Id's visits to the bell curve have steadily decreased each year since his dreary debut in May 2011. And with only one previous visit from the evil twin during this past year, a record low number of appearances from your favorite doppelganger was on the horizon for 2016.

But, feeling more Scrooge-like than in Christmases past - with apocalyptic visions dancing in his head in place of sugar plums - and facing yet another sleepless night, Mr. Id must now own his political ignorance. Along with all the pollsters and smug overpaid liberal pundits - not to mention two generations of the Bush family, Mitt Romney, and other notable Republicans - he never believed it plausible that someone with a reality TV show on his resume could be elected President. Snookie for leading the National Endowment Of The Arts, anyone? Oh wait, does that still exist?

Lest anyone chastise the Wizard behind the curtain for Monday morning quarterbacking on top of ignorance, please note: Dr. Frankenstein had himself previously blogged sarcastically about that national antique called the Electoral College long before the elephants and donkeys had their conventions.

But we all know those three million votes we're stolen anyway. After all, that was tweeted and then ... re-tweeted so it must be true, right?

"2016 was the kind of year you could even lie about being cheated after you won." - Joel Stein


  1. I have been saying for over a year: "you can't make this kind of stuff up!" The unimaginable has met the unprecedented - or unpresidented:)

  2. There are no words. I've been disappointed when Republicans won in the past, but I have never before feared for the safety of our country and our democracy, let alone felt (as I do now) that we are marching into environmental Armageddon. I worry that we will all find ourselves on The Road of the Cormac McCarthy novel...come terrifyingly to life. I'm still waiting for my sense of humor to come back.