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Monday, December 12, 2016

The Prophet In His Own Land

If you're over forty, what's your recollection of how much you valued the coaching of your parents when you were a young adult? If you're a young adult, how much do you value that coaching now?

On balance, I would say my young adult daughter - although very much her own person - is more receptive to me than I ever was to my parents. That said, on occasion I've considered subterfuge to help me get my point across. Which strategy for overcoming the prophet in his own land syndrome might work best?  Disguise my voice? Don a costume? Shave my beard?

And mine is a manageable situation; I feel heard - if not heeded - much of the time. I've heard enough frustration from some ignored parents to suggest they try plastic surgery as a strategy.

On the other hand, I've also heard the relief and gratitude frustrated parents feel when a helpful third party breaks through where they could not, a fairly common occurrence. Although it's nice when our coaching is valued, in the end, isn't it more important these young people we cherish find their way, regardless of the source? As for me, given a second chance, I hope I'd be smart enough to heed my own parent's coaching more. I'm reasonably sure they would have enjoyed more often being valued as the prophets in their land.   

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