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Friday, December 16, 2016

Saving For A Rainy Or ... Sunny Or ... Any Day

What do you continue to keep that you know - in lucid moments - would not have been missed had you discarded it long ago?

I consider myself fortunate compared to those who struggle to discard anything. Like many of you, I've known people who are overwhelmed by their stuff. I'm also grateful that what I hold onto doesn't take up a lot of space and doesn't annoy or interfere with the lives of people close to me.

Still, as the years pass and my basement swells with old journals and other writing of all kinds, I do periodically wonder what this quirk says about me. What do you think? And sometimes - in a morbid moment - I realize that if I don't chuck these ramblings and fragments, someone will someday get the job. During those maudlin reflections, I'm chastened when picturing my wife or daughter with the task instead of some disinterested third party. Creepy, I know. 

But how about you? What conclusions would someone make about you if they discovered what you unthinkingly save? 

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