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Friday, February 10, 2017

Ted, Et Al: Glad Not To Be Your Friend

When someone has enough power to make your life miserable, it's no trivial matter to be on that someone's "enemies list". J Edgar Hoover's animus for civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Richard Nixon's indiscriminate paranoia about people he was convinced were out to get him - and most lethally - the varied enemies Hitler saw everywhere he looked, all resulted in many shattered or shortened lives for the unfortunate victims of those powerful, if woefully misguided, people.

But how bad would it be if someone like those three - or others of their ilk - detested you but was not able to affect your life in any negative fashion? Wouldn't you welcome being the enemy of someone that petty if they were powerless to hurt you? Earning the scorn of some public figures - provided they're impotent to damage my life - would be a badge of honor for me.

Aside to Ted Nugent: Based on your rabid endorsement of the lunatic birther movement, I'm guessing you're just the type to have an enemies list. Should you ever decide I'm worthy, please contact me via this blog. I'll publicly and proudly acknowledge your disdain.

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