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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tired Vs. Timeless

Initially, I was looking forward to enjoying a CD compilation I borrowed from the library entitled "Guitar Classics From The 70's". Wow, what a bummer! After listening to it once, I realized not one of the ten songs any longer did a thing for me - not a single musical thrill in forty five minutes. If I never heard any of these tunes again, I'd be missing nothing. Was my complete disinterest due to how many times I'd heard these versions? That thought crossed my mind at first. 

But it also occurred to me that it was equally plausible the songs themselves had simply outlived their shelf life. After all, many songs are wildly over-played but still continue to deliver the goods. To test my theory, I Googled the ten song titles from this CD to see how many times each song had been subsequently covered by others following the original version's heyday in the 70's. Let's just say the songs had their moment. I wish the songwriters and musicians well in their later pursuits.             

There is a good reason why Disturb's new version of "The Sounds Of Silence" is getting significant airplay right now. It's no mystery that "I Only Have Eyes For You" was a hit in 1934, 1959, and 1975. Even money "Up On The Roof", "My Funny Valentine", and "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most" will all appear on a new recording - sounding fresh as ever - very soon. What are your nominations for songs that - no matter how many times you've heard them - never get tired?

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