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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fifty Years In A Minute (Or Less)

Which significant milestone in your life have you most recently faced? How would you characterize your emotional or mental state regarding that milestone?

Half a century has elapsed? That was my first thought when a high school friend contacted me via Facebook about my 50th high school reunion this September. I tried recalling my 1967 graduation ceremony - no luck. I know I was still upset about the girl who'd dumped me not long before. I was looking forward to the graduation party my parents had planned at our home, knew I was headed to college that fall, sad my high school band was nearing its end. 

After that quick trip to the past - in quick succession - I ...

* Retreated briefly into a pity-pot cocoon
* Thought about whether I'd attend
* Began thinking of ways to convince the organizers to let me play guitar during cocktail hour

There's more, but in the interest of my pride and brevity, I'll spare you. Bottom line: I'm grateful to still be around and healthy fifty years later. And, if I do decide to attend, I've got months to work on my elevator speech, truncating fifty years into one minute or less.            

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