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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Committed To This Blog Graveyard

Since my initial aim - starting a robust online conversation - has never materialized, I have reflected a few times over the subsequent six years which need of mine sustains a continuing commitment to this blog.     

"I can hear your voice when I read your writing."

I stored that statement in a safe place when an old friend who lives far away said it to me a few years back. It's since come in handy during periods when my commitment to blogging is wavering. It also seems as though an astute online comment has a way of appearing at just the right time.

Still, there's more to my commitment than what others say (or don't). In last week's NY Times, author James Atlas wrote of how most books - including his own - are destined for a "... book graveyard ..." His phrase went immediately into my notebook. The conclusions in his article about his commitment to his writing danced in my head all week. Late yesterday, my commitment felt fuzzy, I picked up my notebook, saw that phrase.


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