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Friday, March 29, 2019

Cover Me

The latest course I designed - entitled They've Got It Covered - will have its maiden voyage in late April at Brookdale Community College. I'm grateful to Brookdale for being the first school to hire me to do music classes back in 2014. I'm even more grateful for participants who have attended several of my courses at Brookdale and other venues that have since hired me. And, I'd like your help.

What you would expect to hear if you were attending a music class devoted to imaginative covers of songs first made famous by others? I'll be featuring artists of three types in this six-hour course:

* Those who have never had a composing credit, i.e. they've devoted their recording careers to covers (e.g. Bette Midler)

* Those who infrequently recorded covers, i.e. the bulk of their recorded output is original material (e.g. the Beatles)

* Those who have toggled frequently between covers & original material (e.g. Rod Stewart)

Over the last five years and fifteen courses, there have been more than a few occasions when your song suggestions - solicited through this blog - have ended up on a playlist. Thank you in advance for giving some thought to what I might include in They've Got It Covered.


  1. How about Daryl Hall's Everytime You Go Away. Even though Hall & Oates had many self-penned hits, and a few hits making covers, this song was simply an album track for them, but for Paul Young it was his only number 1 hit. What enabled a lesser performer (commercially) to make an improvement over a great performer's self-penned song.

    1. Anonymous; Thanks for the suggestion. I don't think I've ever heard the Hall & Oates cover but the original by Paul Young is in my top fifty of all time favorite one-hit wonders. Actually, you have now inspired me to create a new iteration in my long-running Mt. Rushmore series that I will dedicate to my four top choices of one-hit wonders. And, I'll credit you, Mr./Ms. Anonymous for the inspiration. Thanks for your comment.