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Friday, July 26, 2019

A Decade Of Yearning

What novel has most recently had you yearning for several others who'd also read it so you could have a discussion?

Paul Auster's 2009 novel Invisible is that kind of book. After finishing it the first time not long after its release, it lingered with me for weeks. My long book journal entry bemoaned the fact that no one I knew had read it. I desperately wanted to talk about the unapologetically modern approach Auster used. Subject matter, the author's style, and above all, the sinuous architecture beg to be discussed.

Fast forward almost ten years: From the start, my book journal has been one of the tools I've used to help me decide which books my club will read each year. Invisible went in the 2019 queue before I re-read it. After finishing it recently for the second time, I'm even more anxious to have that yearned-for discussion. And though I suspect this provocative novel will not be universally well received, I'm confident the discussion with the discerning readers in my club will be enriching.

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  1. Should be interesting! I have requested it through an interlibrary loan.