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Monday, July 8, 2019

Under 100,00: Time To Get Cracking


Three years ago today when I estimated I had about 116,799 waking hours left, I expected either to be congratulated on my cleverness, challenged on my math, or chastised for my morbidity. Since none of those reactions transpired, it's reasonable to surmise today's update will be met with a comparable collective yawn. Still, a quick mental review of the way I've used a fair portion of my 17,520 hours since July 8 2016, makes me happy, at least right this moment.

* I'm just two songs away from my November 22, 2011 goal of fully memorizing 300 jazz standards, currently finishing my 56th review cycle.
* My book club is thriving in its third year. Tomorrow we'll be discussing Sherry Turkle's Reclaiming Conversation (2015). And my involvement in two other clubs has helped keep me on my toes.
* I've published over 1700 blog posts, completed the project to record eight of my original songs with my daughter on vocals, developed and delivered several new music courses, co-facilitated a multi-day workshop on Race and Rage, continued my volunteering commitments.

It's not all good news. My latest estimate? I'm probably down to less than 100,000 waking hours. Got to get cracking at several of the things I haven't even started. How about you? How do you feel, at least right this moment, about how you used the last 17,520 hours? And what's coming up over the next 100,000?


  1. I'm always amazed at your focus, organization, goal-setting, and your habit of monitoring progress. As I learned in the positive psychology course...all those things contribute to your ongoing happiness. You inspire me, and I aspire to be like you in those ways.

    1. It all would be very different without a partner as supportive and affirming as you. The fact that I "inspire" you means more to me than you can possibly know.