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Friday, February 11, 2022

Revisiting My Grade (So Far): Intentionality

intentionality: doing things deliberately or on purpose.  

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The two posts above are the bookends for one of my earliest blog series. By the time My Grade (So Far) ended in December 2015, I'd graded myself on forty-one different attributes. To date, only my Mt. Rushmore series has more entries than My Grade (So Far). 

It's likely I'd have not thought to resuscitate this moribund series had I not had a conversation with a new friend about wanting to remain in touch after she leaves the area to begin a new job. But as she and I made plans to ensure our relationship would survive her move, I realized intentionality has become a clear strength of mine over these past several years. More gratifying? Intentionality most often shows up for me with respect to people. I'm intentional in the efforts I make to connect with those I'm drawn to, and equally intentional about not letting go of anyone who has become important to me, like this new friend.

I've learned it's not enough to say "We should get together" or "Let's stay in touch".  Whenever I feel a connection, I try to make something happen. If someone rejects an initial advance or a later outreach, so what? How do initial connections or staying in touch happen if no one is intentional? And what's the alternative to being intentional? 

Over six years after My Grade (So Far) had its graduation ceremony, I've returned to give myself an "A" for intentionality. What grade would you give yourself (so far)? How much would that grade change, if at all, if you took intentionality regarding your relationships with people out of the mix? If the grade changed what does that tell you?    


  1. Hello, Pat. I hope this finds you all doing well. Interesting, yet again, post.
    Intentionality - I love that. It took me 2 or 3 times to get comfortable with saying it, but it's a great word. I would imagine that most people would agree with simply saying 'Lets Stay In Touch', etc, is not enough. It just adds to the confusion, at least my confusion, of why so many simply say just that .. and for the most part, leave it at just that. And, as a result of this, I share your feelings that it is not enough. For example, I have tried to stay in touch with people I used to work with. Worked with day in and day out for many years. And there are some that do reciprocate. But, even with these people it is, obviously, much less than what I/we were used to when we worked together. And then there are those who may (and may not) say that they'd like to stay in touch, but have no intention of doing so. I have tried, and will continue to try, to not be the one that says it and does nothing about it. I'm not great yet, but I am trying and I want very much to change the narrative. So, although my current grade may hover around a C+/B-, I remain hopeful as always.
    Be well,

    1. "Anonymous" Bob; Thanks for two comments in one day. And more thanks for being honest about your grade (so far) for intentionality. If you go back to any of the earlier 41 iterations in the "My Grade..." series - all of which pre-date your faithful patronage of my blog - you'll see a lot of "C+" and "B-" grades for me, I assure you. We are all works-in-progress. Thanks for participating.