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Monday, February 28, 2022

Oh Well

The mission my wife and I established in 2010 to visit all the U.S. National Parks has become one of the main highlights of my post full-time work years. As we head out to hike in Joshua Tree and Death Valley over the next two weeks, we're excited to have three friends joining us. Though we're confident these friends will enjoy their first experience traveling with Road Scholar - as we have enjoyed all our Road Scholar trips since our maiden voyage to Alaska in 2015 - I admit to being a little nervous since it was our lobbying that partially persuaded the three of them to give this a try. Kind of like when you recommend a restaurant to someone and feel a bit responsible for the quality of the meal, you know? Oh well.  

Meanwhile, our National Park mission is a bit of a moving target. Five new parks have been added to the list - bringing the current total to sixty-three - since the year we started. With only two of the newer parks east of the Mississippi - and most of the other thirty we haven't yet visited even more distant - it's clear we'll be spending a lot of time in airports in the coming years. Oh well; lots of time to read.

As in the past, given the spotty service in the National Parks, it's difficult to predict how many reflections from the bell curve will be forthcoming until March 14 or thereabouts. Because these places never fail to inspire, I'm dismayed whenever I open my laptop to reflect on something only to have the technology stymie me. And though my notebook is always nearby - and frequently gets jammed with ideas for blog posts while we are in the parks - fully re-capturing those magical moments after some time elapses is never guaranteed. Oh well.  

Stay tuned in case the technology comes through for me this time, OK?    


  1. I will stay tuned. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Hello, Pat. I'll start this comment by expressing my jealousy on your trip(s). They sound wonderful, and I have no doubt you and your friends will enjoy every moment. I wouldn't be so nervous about your lobbying. Although no one can predict how anyone will/can react, I am sure you will be thanked many times for your suggestions.
    Bad cell service aside, I look forward to your posting during, and about, your many excursions.
    Be well ... and Safe Travels. Enjoy!
    Best to Kim and your other traveling companions,

    1. "Anonymous" Bob; Thanks for three comments in one day and your unwavering support of my blog. Appreciate that more than I can adequately express.