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Monday, February 14, 2022

Songstrings (Cont.)

I've not been possessed, exactly. But waiting much longer to unleash a few of the songstrings that have been keeping me awake for several weeks now is probably the right thing to do. Mea culpa. 

As before, I hope some of you will join in by concatenating two or more song titles - no filler words, please - to create a few of your own songstrings. This time I'm starting with five, six, and seven titles, then reverting back to two, three, and four like the January 7th post. Be sure and separate your titles - as below - and cite* artist or composer of any tune you think may not be widely known. Remember: The tunes must come from your head - as these have (unfortunately) from mine- not Google. But, using Google to locate an artist or composer you can't recall is OK. 

Five tunes: No matter what - under the boardwalk, on the street where you live, up on the roof I'll be there for you.

Six: If I can't make you love me night and day, more today than yesterday,then you can tell me goodbye tomorrow. 

Seven: Hard to say* where or when you really got a hold on me girl**, but it's alright***, we belong together, always.    

* = Dan Fogelberg; ** = Lennon/McCartney; *** = JJ Jackson (top 40 hit in 1966)

Let's dance until it's time for me to go. (song #2= *Buffy St. Marie)

How can I be sure it's over by the time I get to Phoenix?

Send in the clowns, the boxer, the entertainer, the gambler.  

p.s. Shoutout on my four tune songstring directly above to those commenters from January 7th who took their own songstrings into more adventurous lyrical territory. This both inspired me to get out of the cul-de-sac of love/relationships and, contributed to my monkey brain over the past several weeks. Darn you all anyway. And yes, next time I'll be up to eight concatenated song titles, God help me.     

Reflections From The Bell Curve: Songstrings


  1. How about a couple of four title songs all from the Beatles to get started:

    Girl, it's been a hard days night, I wanna hold your hand when I get home.

    Hey Jude, do you want to know a secret? I need you in my life, here, there and everywhere.

    1. Chris; So good to see a comment from you, especially on this post. And nice work with your two Beatles songstrings with four titles in the first and five in the second. My only (minor) quibble: You added two words ("it's been") to songstring #1. But no matter. Look next for an e-mail from me including the link to an earlier post from a few years back when I did exactly as you did above, i.e. used only Beatles songs. Apparently, great minds (well, at least good minds, anyway) think alike. Thanks for the comment.

  2. How about this one:

    I lived, In the city, where the streets have no name, and the radio played all night

    I Lived - One Republic
    In The City - The Jam/Eagles/Joe Walsh
    Where The Streets Have No Name - U2
    And The Radio Played - Lady A
    All Night - Beyonce

    1. OK Chris, this latest songstring of yours with five tunes (and thanks for identifying them all because only two are known to me) is the best one to date I've received. I'm not ashamed to admit that it surpasses anything I've come up with so far. And I invented the concept! KUDOS!

    2. BTW, you did come up with all five song titles without using Google, right? Fair is fair.

  3. I came up with this by querying my music library. I started by picking a song, "Where the streets have no name", then searching for songs that contained specific words. "City", "Town", "Life", "Live", "Play", "Day", "Night", etc. and trying different combinations. This one just came together. I am still working on others as I have time and will post if they make sense. What can I say, I am an IT geek that loves music.

  4. How about this one, a patriotic theme:

    This is America, land of hope and dreams, I love my country, liberty and freedom, God bless the USA.

    This is America - Childish Gambino
    Land of hope and Dreams - Bruce Springsteen
    I Love My Country - Florida Georgia Line
    Liberty and Freedom - Rancid
    God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood

    1. Chris; Four comments in two days and .. four songstrings, each with four or more song titles - impressive. Although I like the city one more than the patriotic one, both are top notch. Thanks for joining in the fun.

  5. One more.

    C'mon girl, let's do it, get on your feet, move that body, shake that thing, show me what you got, let's go.

    C'mon Girl - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Let's Do It - Coolio
    Get On Your Feet - Gloria Estefan
    Move That Body - Nelly
    Shake That Thing - Sean Paul
    Show Me What You Got - Jay-Z
    Let's Go - Calvin Harris

    1. Chris; We have to stop meeting like this. You have now officially set the record for most comments by any individual connected to JUST ONE post. Congratulations? And ... your seven dance-related concatenated song titles in one songstring now puts you in a tie with the inventor of the concept (that would be me). So, congratulations (?) again for being as much of a music geek as I. You are, without question, the geekiest non-musician I have ever met. I love that about you.