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Monday, August 1, 2022

Recycling at its Best

Exactly ten years ago today I proposed August 1 be declared National Book Day. My unassailable rationale and a few guidelines for kicking off that new holiday are included in the blog post for that date, appended below. I even provided a two-year window so things could get started by August 1, 2014.

When the expected groundswell of popular support didn't begin materializing over the next year, I was undaunted. Instead, on each subsequent August 1 since, I have proposed a different new holiday for this barren month. Remarkably, none of the ten - including National Book Day - has yet taken off. More's the pity for greeting card companies - barely limping along in the e-card era - and the liquor industry; both are missing out on a golden marketing opportunity.  

As I frequently used to tell those folks who used me as coach, when anyone says "no" to any idea you propose, resist the temptation to hear "never".  Instead, re-cycle any idea you believe has value as many times as it takes until you hear "yes".  And so, ten years to the day since first proposing National Book Day, I'm pleased to report this holiday is currently being discussed in committee in the U.S. Congress. OK, not really, but don't you think it should be?     

Reflections From The Bell Curve: August 1, 2014: National Book Day


  1. Good morning, Pat. Hope this finds you all doing well and recovering nicely from your wonderful Friday.
    I love the idea of a National Book Day. We already have a National Librarian Day, and a National Library Week, - both in April so why not National Book Day.
    Interestingly enough, while writing this comment I did a search of holidays in August and, aside from things like National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (8/4), International Beer Day (8/5) and National Lighthouse Day (8/7), among others, 'National Book Lovers Day' is listed on August 9. Adding the word 'lovers' to the day doesn't take away from what was clearly your idea from ten years ago. And the listed background of this day reads that 'no one really knows how or when it became part of the calendar ...'. So ... maybe your Blog post from 2012 started a movement you were not aware of. In any case, here's hoping National Book Lovers Day continues to increase in its popularity. Thanks for whatever part you had in making this a reality.
    Be well,

    1. Bob; Thanks for the comment and the research on obscure August "holidays". As for "National Book Lovers Day" on August 9, I wish I could claim my 8/1/12 blog post had a part in establishing that but of course, that is not so. However, I am glad I didn't do the thorough research you did before writing that post ten years ago because if I had, I would never have published that post for fear of having people think I was co-opting an already-existing idea. I can legitimately claim the idea for National Book Day was my own back in 2012. Does that make me prescient or just lucky? I prefer the former, egotist that I am.

  2. This blog and Bob's comments brought a smile to my face. Your question made me think of the quote about good ideas except I can't remember it. LOL! Basically ideas (especially good ones!) can be generated by more than one individual. I like adding "Lovers" to National Book Day! I will remember this holiday as August 2nd is our anniversary. So, two things to celebrate in August:).

  3. Ines; Glad Bob and I brought you a smile. Happy anniversary today! I appreciate your continuing support of my blog.