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Sunday, July 31, 2022

... and After

Well, the drugs helped, kind of.  

I made it through playing Just the Way You Are on guitar as my beloved daughter walked toward her soon-to-be husband as the ceremony began. Passing her hand to his, a wise strategy suddenly arrived to help me conceal the flood: I grasped his head with both hands, whispering in his ear. I'll spare you the message. As others spoke during the ceremony - including the moving vows the bride and groom wrote - my weeping was subsumed by loud sniffles in the room. The five piece brass band escorting the newly married couple from the ceremony into the cocktail hour returned my composure, briefly. Onto the reception.

Our brief speech following the toast by my daughter's best friend had four parts. I held it together as my wife delivered part one. Part two? I paused a lot, took deep breaths, stuck to the script - so far, so good. My wife took part three and part four was brief enough that I almost got through the section about home unscathed. Almost.  

The two of us dancing to Til There Was You, the lullaby I sang to her as an infant, toddler and beyond? Don't ask. The good news? By the time that dance occurred, my jacket and tie had been on the back of a chair for a while, my shirt drenched from ninety minutes of non-stop dancing. Who would possibly notice my unstoppable tears given the state I was in at that point?  



  1. Good morning, Pat. Whew!! Sounds like all the planning and preparation resulted in a very beautiful wedding and reception. The song selections - perfect. And I'm sure no one noticed any of the unstoppable tears from the proud father as I'm sure they were all sharing in this proud and memorable moment with you, Kim, Alison and Matthew. Congratulations, again, to everyone.
    Be well,

    1. Bob; Thanks for the comment and congratulations. The day went off well despite the flood.

  2. Congratulations. Such a touching blog!

  3. You were already soaked head to toe during the father dance, no one noticed a few tears! The puddle just became a... bigger puddle

    1. "Anonymous"; Bigger puddle, indeed. At least I got through the speech anyway.