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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2014: National Book Day

As months go, August is the clear loser when it comes to holidays. Consequently, I propose today, August 1, as National Book Day. I'm hoping to start a movement beginning with the readers of my blog, making this a small movement to start.

We'll need a sponsor. To keep this free from crass commercial interests, how about a library trade group? Other ideas welcome. Slogan = "Reading Rocks!" What do you think? Unpaid spokesperson? I'm thinking a popular author, someone who doesn't need money, a discerning reader. Based on his memoir "On Writing", I nominate Stephen King. Second choice: JK Rowling, although I don't know anything about her reading habits. Reading snobs objecting to either, speak up.

Any website developers in "Reflections..." land? Care to volunteer some time to a worthy cause? Marketing folks? Wait, got that covered - I'm married to one. Should banks & government offices close and mass transit go on holiday schedules? I vote no; too many potential obstacles. Nothing closes or changes on Valentines Day - let's keep it simple like that. Anyone have a contact at Hallmark? August 1 - no need to sweat school closings. If we get started now, this could happen by 2014; too late for 2013 calendars.

What am I missing?

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