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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Five In One Shot

When my wife and I started our mission many years ago to visit as many National Parks as possible, both of us were still working full time. Then when I left the full time work world in 2010, we put our mission into higher gear, which was made easier given my wife was self-employed. Now that she's joined me in the every-day-is-Saturday life, we're crushing it. 

Over the next two weeks we'll enjoy all five of the National Parks located in Utah. For Bryce and Zion we'll be travelling with a Road Scholars group, along with the same three New Jersey friends we recruited to join us last year when we visited Death Valley. In the second week, one of those friends will then stay onboard as we hike and explore Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef. I'm confident it will be a memorable trip. 

Now a little bad news. Wi-Fi service in the parks is sometimes spotty. Provided I don't have to chase down a signal, I'll be reflecting at my usual pace. But if the bell curve goes quiet for longer than normal, assume one of the following: 1.) The Wi-Fi let me down. 2.) I over-did it on the trail; a long nap took precedence over a reflection. 3.) Probably not lions, definitely not tigers, but bears? Oh my. Worst-case scenario? Other than an ursine encounter of the first kind, radio silence until April 16. 


  1. Sorry for the late comment(s) but I hope you are having, or had depending on the timing of this and your schedule, a great time. Sounds like a wonderful trip.
    Be well,

    1. Bob; Apologizing? Come on! I so appreciate your continuing support. Please don't let responding to my blog ever become a chore for you or feel you need to explain anything. Whatever you contribute - and whenever you do so - is
      a bonus to me.