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Friday, February 9, 2024

First Dispatch

You know that expression about the journey being as satisfying - or something - as the destination? Yeah, not so much when the journey involves a lot of time in airplane seats. 

Earlier today, it was hard to think of much besides a comfortable bed. The last long leg of our twenty-six hours of travel - a flight from London to Cape Town - was not unpleasant, per se. As people all around me seemed to effortlessly snooze - including my wife and two friends - I finished a book, watched Oppenheimer, listened to some music. I meditated, wrote in my journal, prolonged the two marginal meals that were served. My time in the air shouldn't have felt so elongated, right? But almost twelve sleepless hours in the same airplane seat - after being in a different airplane seat for half that long earlier, as well as anticipating what was still ahead after we landed in Cape Town - got me reflecting on the whole journey vs. destination bit. And then I began thinking about that bed, the one I'm headed for now.     

Second dispatch coming soon, if technology cooperates. Thanks for all your well wishes here, via e-mail, and on Facebook.   



  1. Hey Pat. OK, so as I've written already I've been looking forward to your posts from your trip. But I have to admit that I wouldn't have thought about the travel it would take to get there. Sorry for what you're experiencing but I have no doubt it will all be worth it.
    Be well, Be Safe,

    1. Hey Bob; Thanks for commiserating with me, even if I was whining a bit. In the end, as you correctly predicted, it was all worth it.