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Monday, February 5, 2024

I've Got Your Number

Based on the number of comments received on two of my posts in 2022, when readers helped me count down from 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover to One After 909 using pop culture, today's challenge is in a similar vein. I hope some of you will join the fun again. 

1.) Car 96, Where Are You?

2.) Seventy-Six Trombones

3.) 66 Tears

4.) Highway 77 Revisited 

5.) Route 54

As you can see, each pop culture reference above - TV show, song, album title - has in it a number over fifty. One of the five is correct as is. Three of the five has its correct number somewhere on this list but not in the title as noted. Start by identifying the wholly correct one and then move onto transplanting the other three numbers into the correct title. This part shouldn't be too difficult, at least for baby boomers who watched some TV and/or listened to some music growing up.  

Now for the bigger challenge. One of these five has an incorrect number that is not anywhere on this list. After identifying that one and supplying the correct number for that title - another number over fifty and, that's the easier part - then take that incorrect number and put it into the title of a popular TV show from the same era. I'll wait a bit to see if any reader gets the first four right and solves both parts of the bigger challenge for the fifth item. If no one does, I'll give a clue - BTW, this TV show was very popular in its day - in a near-future post also entitled I've Got Your Number. By then, I'll likely have more of this nonsense ready to unleash on you. Obviously, no fair using Google etc. 

If any reader solves all five/six without needing the clue, great. I'll acknowledge that in a response to the comment. In that case, the second iteration of I've Got Your Number might be on its way even sooner. Either way, the fun is just beginning

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  1. Is this too easy or am I too old?

    Seventy-Six Trombones is correct.

    The others should be:
    Car 54 where are you?
    99 Tears
    Highway 61 Revisited
    Route 66

    The fifth item should be:
    77 Sunset strip

    1. Chris; Congratulations on being first. To answer your question, this first iteration was (relatively) easy AND ... you are old. BTW, I forgive your typo on "99 Tears" because I know you knew it was "96 Tears". But to prove how really musically geeky you are, answer this (without help). Who did that one-hit wonder big shot? Also, I promise you, iteration #2 (which will pop us sooner than later given you answering this one so quickly) won't be quite as easy as this first one. So don't get too cocky too soon, smarty-pants. Thanks for reading and commenting, showoff.

  2. You are right, "99 Tears" was a typo. For the song "Big Shot" the only artist to come to mind is Billy Joel but I know he was not a one hit wonder. So you have me stumped on this one. I am looking forward to iteration #2.

    1. OK, now it's my syntax problem, not your typo. The way I should've asked my question of you (i.e., you are the "big shot", not the Billy Joel song ) was: Who did the one-hit wonder called "96/99 Tears"? Again, no fair using Google if you want to preserve my undying admiration for your non-musician musical geekiness. BTW, iteration #2 will likely be released in early March and will be slightly harder, although probably not for you, White Horse man.

    2. That is an easy one; ? and the Mysterians. They also did a version of this song in Spanish. And one of the best covers was done by Garland Jeffreys. Looking forward to March :)

    3. Easy for you; NOT easy for the non-geeks out there. Never heard the version in Spanish and not at all disappointed I missed it; English song was lame enough, thank you. And though I liked Garland Jeffreys in his day, if that awful song is the best he could come up when picking a cover, he needed me as a music coach.

  3. If you are interested, here is a link to the Spanish version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntx-vYtJCnU

  4. Hey Pat ... Late to this party but I honestly did know the correct answers. But .. there's no prizes for coming in last .. or late. Good post though. a lot of fun.
    Be well,

    1. Bob; Thanks for commenting and joining the fun no matter how late. And I'm not surprised you would have aced this as did my good friend Chris. As I said to him above, iteration #2 will NOT be as easy so put on your thinking cap when I release that nonsense in March.