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Friday, February 2, 2024

It's Back ...

Considering how many people outside of Punxsutawney ever pay attention, isn't it peculiar that of all the movies ever made about holidays few have come close to being as good as Groundhog Day?  What is your nomination for a holiday film that is the equal of Harold Ramis's goofy 1993 masterpiece?

Although I'm not a big Bill Murray fan, Groundhog Day is on the short list of films I've watched more than once. Of the several priceless bits in the movie, my favorite is probably Sonny & Cher warbling I Got You Babe on the clock radio that awakens Murray's character as he endlessly repeats February 2nd - brilliant song choice. What alternative tune would you pick as a way to aurally depict a nightmare you can't escape? My top nominations would be either one of those treacly ballads Michael Bolton screamed during his brief but painful popularity or the musical torture inflicted on us by I-get-paid-by-the-sixteenth-note Kenny G.

Musical snarkiness aside, which bit from Groundhog Day plays over and over and over in your mind? And, if you were able to repeat a single day from your life, which one would you choose?


  1. Hello, Pat. Ahhh, Groundhog Day. The movie, not the actual day. Because to me, seeing a shadow or not there are still 6 more weeks of winter, so ... But the movie is great to watch. And although there are a number of scenes I could offer in response to your post, I have to go with 'Ned .. Ryerson. Needle Nose Ned. Ned the Head'. Stephen Tobolowsky is priceless in that film. Love the role he played.
    Be well,

    1. Bob; Great comment, if a bit film-geeky. I love the line/scene you picked from Groundhog Day but I must know. Did you have to look up Stephen Tobolowsky's name? If not, I'm impressed if a little concerned for your level of film geekiness. You may need another hobby. Just saying.

    2. Have to admit I only had to look up the correct spelling of his name ... I'm such a GEEK - or at least I know I can be in certain circumstances - lol.